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Le Vin de Chatte - Canvas Art

Le Vin de Chatte - Canvas Art

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"Le Vin de Chatte" is a playful abstract painting that captures the whimsical merriment of two feline friends enjoying a delightful glass of wine together. The artwork exudes a lighthearted charm, inviting viewers into a world of playful antics and shared laughter.

The composition features two stylized cats, their silhouettes rendered with playful brushstrokes. Perched around a table adorned with a bottle of wine and glasses, they engage in a delightful tête-à-tête. Tails intertwine and eyes sparkle with mischievous delight as they revel in their friendship.

A vibrant color palette dominates the canvas, bursting with hues that evoke mirth and revelry. Pops of lively reds, whimsical blues, and sparkling yellows dance across the scene, creating an atmosphere of vibrant enchantment.

"Le Vin de Chatte" playfully invites viewers to join in the feline revelry, celebrating the magic of friendship and shared moments of happiness. With its whimsical style and lively colors, the painting ignites the imagination, leaving viewers with a smile and a sense of the delightful camaraderie between these charming feline friends.

.: 100% cotton fabric (400gsm)
.: Horizontal, vertical and square options available
.: Closed MDF backing
.: Built with a patented solid support face
.: High image quality and detail
.: Note! For indoor use only!

  10″ x 8″ 14″ x 11″ 20″ x 16″ 30″ x 24″ 40″ x 30″
Width, in 10.00 14.00 20.00 30.00 40.00
Height, in 8.00 11.00 16.00 24.00 30.00
Depth, in 1.25 1.25 1.25 1.25 1.25


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